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Try different hair colors before you buy with our new

Virtual hair color makeover tool.



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Want to find your perfect shade?

We're here to take care of you and your hair...take the Color Quiz and our team of professional Colorists will find the shade that's right for you.

Prefer to have a Free Video Consultation with a Licensed Colorist Concierge?

Save time and money with our hair color changer

Save time & money

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  • Professional, salon-quality hair color delivered to your door, on your schedule

  • Under $26

  • No appointment necessary

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Multi-tonal, artisan-crafted salon color

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  • Crafted in Italy by master colorists known for elevating hair color into an art form

  • Light, dark, cool, and warm tones are blended like a colorist would mix in a salon to create over 55 shades that set Madison Reed apart

  • 100% gray coverage

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Ingredients you can feel good about

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  • FULL OF: Keratin, argan oil, ginseng root extract

  • FREE OF: Ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, titanium dioxide

  • Cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, no animal testing

skip the tools with this hairstyle app

Bring the salon home

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  • Everything you need to color with total confidence

  • Cleansing wipes, barrier cream, a protective cap and 2 pairs of gloves + cream color and activator for rich, multi-dimensional color

  • The pampered salon experience in a box

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3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Shade

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Try different hair color shades before you buy

See just how easy it is to try on different hair color shades with this new virtual makeover tool.

Simply take the online hair color quiz (you don't have to download a hair color app!), and using your cell phone or computer camera, try on different shades of hair color by either uploading a selfie, or with your live camera.

Proprietary color-matching technology not only identifies your current hair color, but also the nuances in hair tone right down to the hair strand, and applies it to the new shade.

Toggle between shades with a split screen slider to see the difference between your current shade and the shades recommended for you. Includes over 45 shades, ranging from light blonde levels to deep black levels. Curious what level you are? See our hair color chart and learn more.